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Represents a single abstract vertex in a dataflow graph, with a time type that indicates its level of nesting in the graph.
Inheritance Hierarchy

      Microsoft.Research.Naiad.Dataflow.StandardVerticesBinaryVertexTInput1, TInput2, TOutput, TTime
      Microsoft.Research.Naiad.Dataflow.StandardVerticesSinkVertexTOutput, TTime
      Microsoft.Research.Naiad.Dataflow.StandardVerticesUnaryVertexTInput, TOutput, TTime

Namespace: Microsoft.Research.Naiad.Dataflow
Assembly: Microsoft.Research.Naiad (in Microsoft.Research.Naiad.dll) Version: (

public abstract class Vertex<TTime> : Vertex
where TTime : Object, Time<TTime>

Type Parameters

The type of timestamps on messages that this vertex processes.

The VertexTTime type exposes the following members.


Public methodVertexTTime
Constructs a new Vertex with the given index in the given stage.

Public methodAddOnFlushAction
Adds a Action to be called each time the vertex Flush method is called.
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Protected methodCheckpoint
Writes the state of this vertex to the given writer.
(Overrides VertexCheckpoint(NaiadWriter).)
Protected methodFlush
Flushes all buffered state at this vertex.
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Public methodNotifyAt(TTime)
Requests notification after all messages bearing the given time or earlier have been delivered.
Public methodNotifyAt(TTime, TTime)
Requests a notification once all messages bearing the requirement time have been delivered, with the capability to send messages at a different (potentially later) time.
Public methodOnNotify
Indicates that all messages bearing the given time (or earlier) have been delivered.
Protected methodOnShutdown
Called after all messages and notifications have been delivered to this vertex.
(Overrides VertexOnShutdown.)
Protected methodRestore
Restores the state of this vertex from the given reader.
(Overrides VertexRestore(NaiadReader).)
Public methodToString
Returns a string representation of this vertex.
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Protected methodUpdateReachability
The worker will invoke this method periodically to indicate progress through the computation, and enable (for example) garbage-collection code to run.
(Inherited from Vertex.)

Protected fieldisShutdown
Currently available for checkpoint restore
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Public fieldStage
The stage to which this vertex belongs.
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Public fieldVertexId
Vertex identifier (unique within the same Stage).
(Inherited from Vertex.)

Protected propertyEntrancy
Indicates number of additional times the vertex may be entered
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Public propertyIsShutDown
Indicates whether the vertex has been shut down
(Inherited from Vertex.)
Public propertyLoggingOutput
The stream that will be used for logging updates to the vertex state.
(Inherited from Vertex.)

Derived classes may override the OnNotify(TTime) method to handle synchronous progress notifications for times in TTime, and simulate batch execution.
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